Radio Sources at 70 Virginis


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Copy of FITS image from the NRAO-VLA First Sky Survey Showing the Locations of Natural Radio Sources within a Degree of 70 Virginis (A). The markers are added by the FITS Image Viewer program.

Fits Image of 70 Virginis and Sources

Closeups of 70 Virginis Location and Radio Sources B and C (More Colors Indicate a Stronger Radio Source)

Closeup of 70 Virginis, Radio Source B Radio Source C

Closeup of Radio Source D

Closeup of Radio Source D

Closeups of B,C, and D sources using field sizes of 0.1 degree by 0.1 degree, pixel sizes of 1 arcsecond by 1 arcsecond, and stereographic projection. This gives FITS image downloads of around 600 kb. Source "B" has a strength of 37.4 mj and source "C" has a strength of 1137 mj.

Source B, very detailed Source D, very detailed


Source "D" has a strength of 1692 mj. The contour colors are added in the FITS Image Viewer program.

Source D, very detailed

These are some of the natural radio sources found within 1 degree of 70 Virginis. The 40 foot radio telescope which I used previously at Greenbank (see the link below) has a resolution of 1 degree and these sources may not have had enough power to be apparent from the 40 foot. These images were made from the NRAO-VLA First Sky Survey file which was originally in the FITS image format.

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To be able to do your own exploring of the VLA First Survey, it is best to use a FITS Image Viewer on your computer although you can download gif images. The FITS Image Viewer allows for the marking of the exact coordinates of the objects in the graphic and for creating the color contours. You can download a free copy for a Mac or PC computer at

FITS IMAGE VIEWERS (free download)

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