Five Day Muon Flux Count from St. Croix, U.S.V.I. from 100111 to 100611 Shows an Increase

The increased count may be related to the increasing sunspot activity.

The coincidence detector was placed in the normal Up-Down at 180 degrees position and monitored for 5 days without any interruption during the period from 100111 to 100611 of . Besides having an elevated average, the regression line shows a steady increase. This may be related to the increasing number of sunspots during the same period. The high point of 1.6 may be related to the high level on the Satellite Environment Plot as shown by the red bars on the estimated Kp at 11 AM to 5 PM AST on 100411 as found on the NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center, Today's Space Weather


1 Hour Periods from 100111 to 100611


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