Muon Flux Data For St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands for July 2016


The coincidence detector was placed in the normal up-down, 180 degrees position and monitored during the indicated time. The graphs show regression lines and the elapsed time at various intervals on the horizontal axis and the ┬ÁR/hr (micro-roentgens/hour) on the vertical axis. A Link to the weather data for St. Croix is given at the end of the graphs for comparsion with the variations in weather data during the same time period. 


1 Hour Intervalsmuon readings at 1 hour intervals


3 Hour Intervals

muon readings at 3 hour intervals


6 Hour Intervals

muon readins at 6 hour intervals


12 Hour Intervals

muon readings at 12 hour intervals


24 Hour Intervals

muon readings at 24 hour intervals


48 Hour Intervals

muon readings at 48 hour intervals


6 Day Intervals

muon readings at 6 day intervals


Weather Data and Graphs for St. Croix, July 2016


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