Muon Flux Count from St. Croix, U.S.V.I from 071810 to 072110

This is a combined graph that includes most of the time during the 4 day period. The counts are averaged for intervals of 60 minutes each. During the 3 time periods, the muon flux count averages were 1.1227 cpm, 1.1063 cpm, 1.0935 cpm and 1.0945. The center of the Milky Way was at its highest angle at around midnight AST. The first graph combines the 4 time periods which are given individually below. The title on tge combined graph is not correct. The coincidence detector was pointed straight up at a 180 degree angle. Compare this graph to the others that are posted on this website. There is no discrepancy on the time data on the graphs. The individual graphs start 1 hour later on GMT because it is the average for the previous hour. See if you can find any correlations between the muon flux count and other data. If you do, let me know and send email to me at