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Rosary with Hematite Beads

Pictured above is a photo of a rosary made with polished hematite beads. An enlarged section of the rosary is pictured below on the left. On the right is a photo of some of the hematite spherules that were photographed by the NASA's Opportunity Rover on Mars. The Martian beads are around the size of BB's and around a third of the size of the rosary beads. The NASA press release photo was inverted to make it more closely resemble the rosary beads.

Numerous hematite spherules were found on Mars. A NASA news release of March 18, 2004 referred to them as "Blueberries ". The hematite spherules showed important evidence for the existence of water on Mars and possibly the existence of life that would be associated with the water.

Most likely the hematite spherules are not the remains of rosary beads used by ancient Martians and they are not "blueberries" either. But if it helps to show the unity of God's creation and to uplift our spirits to loftier ideas then perhaps their existence has more meaning than the observable facts.

Hematite Rosary Beads Martian Hematite Spherules

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