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Read about Hurricane Lenny at St. Joseph High School.Teachers can use the article in their lesson plans by having their students graph and interpret the barometric data. Go to HURRICANE LENNY HITS ST.CROIX

Welcome to the St.Joseph High School Home Page, the first school home page from the beautiful tropical island of St. Croix of the United States Virgin Islands.

Started on 8/31/96. Updated on 12/21/99.



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St. Joseph High School is a Diocesan Catholic High School . It is a co-educational college preparatory high school. Part of its Mission Statement reads: "S.J.H.S is committed to the Christian Growth of each individual. It has a primary responsibility to integrate the various facets of the students' education, and to develop a whole person in a faith community. This responsibility entails having an atmosphere in which spiritual, academic, and social growth are achieved in each individual. The result of the process should develop responsible and participating members of the church and society...."

"S.J.H.S. has a responsibility to pass on the faith, to academically prepare young men and women for a promising future, to teach the value of discipline and to instill in the students the importance of service to those in need."

"S.J.H.S. is one of the leading educational institutions on the island and territory. It prepares persons to take on high tech positions to better the community, the society and the church."

"The administration commits itself to insure that S.J.H.S. has the teachers, equipment, alumni and parental involvement that the school needs in order to become even stronger than it is today."

St. Joseph High School also has a web site at GEOCITIES. This site is mirrored there except for some minor changes in some of the files. From here you can go to ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL AT GEOCITIES

From here you can go to the THE 1998-99 ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL STARTING PAGE

From here you can go to the THE 1997-98 ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL STARTING PAGE and from there you can go and check out the news of the previous years. Nothing has been deleted and with good surfing you can see all of the files and photos posted during the past two school years.

Attention St.Joseph High School graduates: If you would like to have your email address and location listed on this page let us know.


Send email to, Trudy Meyer-Arrieta, a class of 1968 graduate who is now at Dona Ana Branch Community College, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Send email to, Mariela Alvira, a class of 1995 graduate who is attending college at Atlanta, Georgia.

Ernest Morris, a 1996 graduate who is mentioned above, has a home page at Yale University. It has links to many other graduates of St.Joseph High School. Go to the THE HOMEPAGE OF ERNEST MORRIS at Yale University.

Send email to, Shomari Moorehead, a class of 1995 graduate.

Shomari Moorehead also has a home page. Check out his website at THE HOME PAGE OF SHOMARI MOOREHEAD

Send email to , Joseph Lewis, a class of 1979 graduate. The class of 1979 is planning their 20th anniversary reunion later in 1999.

Send email to , Norma Malave, a class of 1968 graduate who now resides in Naples, Florida.

Send email to , Edwin Torres, a class of 1984 graduate who currently is a Senior Patrol Agent with the U.S. Border patrol in Douglas, Arizona. He is planning to move to St. Thomas.

Send email to, James Garcia, Class of 1999.

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Send email to, Sr.Claina Letang, ICM, Principal.


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Students may send messages into the universe at the PROJECT SETI COMMUNICATIONS STATION.

You may read the messages sent into the universe at MESSAGES SENT INTO THE UNIVERSE

Teachers and students may now participate in THE BACKGROUND RADIATION SURVEY PROJECT.

Visit the first Catholic Parish on St.Croix to have a homepage at ST. JOSEPH CHURCH, ST.CROIX, VI. This Catholic Parish Church is located next to St. Joseph High School and is where the students attend weekly Mass.

Go to the homepage for our U. S. Virgin Islands internet provider at the ISLANDS. VI WEBSITE.

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