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Welcome to the St.Joseph High School Home Page, the first school home page from the beautiful tropical island of St. Croix of the United States Virgin Islands.

Started on 8/31/96. Updated on 8/24/98.

St. Joseph High School now has a web site at COBEX in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This site will be mirrored there except for some minor changes in some of the files. From here you can go to St.Joseph High School at COBEX, U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. Joseph High School is a Roman Catholic coed high school with grades 9 through 12. It is a college-prep school and its scenic campus is located at Mt. Pleasant on St.Croix.

The 1998 St.Joseph High School JETS Team placed nationally again. See their photos and story at the 1998 JETS Team site.

The 1998 St.Joseph High School Solar Car Racing Teams won top places at the annual competition. See their photo and story at the 1998 Solar Racing Teams site.

The 1998 St.Joseph High School Astronomy Class went on a field trip to Puerto Rico and visited the Arecibo radio telescope. See their photo and story at 1998 Arecibo Field Trip site.

On November 17, 1997, members of the Science Internet Club helped to upload a photo of our 1997-98 Quiz Bowl Team that was taken on November 14. See the members of this team and their coach at the 1997-'98 QUIZ BOWL TEAM site.

Two members of the 1997-'98 Quiz Bowl Team have recently won national honors. According to the "Catholic Islander" newspaper of October, 1997, "Tamisha Navarro and Sabrina Carr, students at St. Joseph High School, St. Croix, have been named semifinalists in this year's National Achievement Scholarship Program.

This is the second year in a row St. Joseph's students have taken top places in this national scholastic competition; last year, Khalfani Garcia and Nehemiah Prince were among the top scorers in the nation.

The Achievement Program is a privately financed, annual competition for recognition and scholarships that is open to high school students who are Black Americans. The competition is conducted by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

The 1,500 students who qualify as semifinalists are the only students who have an opportunity to advance in the competition for Achievement Scholarship Awards."

The 1997-98 school year began on August 18 with faculty meetings and preparations. Classes begin on August 25. Come back and visit this site often and watch the real learning continue to develop.

Take a look at the latest photo of the 1997-'98 SCIENCE INTERNET CLUB

You can see some photos taken during August and September, 1997 by going to PHOTO ALBUM 1.

See photos of the St. Joseph High School hand-signing choir, the St.Joseph High School handbell group, and other photos taken from October to December, 1997 at PHOTO ALBUM 2.

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Here are some pictures of the campus of St. Joseph High School.

Another View of the Office/Library Building

Several of the Buildings with Mountains in the Background

Science Buildings 2 and 4

Attention St.Joseph High School graduates: If you would like to have your email address and location listed on this page let us know.


Send email to, Trudy Meyer-Arrieta, a class of 1968 graduate who is now at Dona Ana Branch Community College, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Send email to, Mariela Alvira, a class of 1995 graduate who is attending college at Atlanta, Georgia.

Ernest Morris, a 1996 graduate who is mentioned above, has a home page at Yale University. It has links to many other graduates of St.Joseph High School. Go to the The Home Page of Ernest Morris at Yale University.

Send email to, Shomari Moorehead, a class of 1995 graduate.

Shomari Moorehead also has a home page. Check out his website at The Home Page of Shomari Moorehead

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Students may send messages into the universe at the PROJECT SETI COMMUNICATIONS STATION.

You may read the messages sent into the universe at MESSAGES SENT INTO THE UNIVERSE

Teachers and students may now participate in THE BACKGROUND RADIATION SURVEY PROJECT.

Experimenters can check out THE COSMIC RADIATION PROJECT.

February 26, 1998 was the time to see the solar eclipse on St.Croix. Clouds blocked the view at St Joseph High School but we still observed it. Find out how at VIEWING THE 1998 SOLAR ECLIPSE THROUGH THE CLOUDS.

Visit the first Catholic Parish on St.Croix to have a homepage at St.Joseph Church, St.Croix, VI. This Catholic Parish Church is located next to St. Joseph High School and is where the students attend weekly Mass.

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