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In much of its advertising (1979), one bus corporation proudly boasts that traveling by way of bus is a real energy saver. If that is true, then I claim to have saved a tremendous amount of energy during the last six years. During that time, the bus has taken me over 60,000 miles, crossing the country dozens of times to every one of the 48 continental states. If there were such a category in the "Guiness Book of World Records", I would probably come close to being number one.

A trip not easily forgotten was when my bus passed through the state of North Dakota on my way to the Spokane World's Fair. The bus driver for part of the journey was a really fascinating individual. Besides his many jokes and games, he deeply impressed me with his history of the "hanging tree" in one area by actually driving the bus below it and telling all the passengers the gruesome feeling of swinging from it.

Another unforgetable bus driver was the one who would recite poetry and give a memorable description of the Salt Lake City area at one o'clock in the morning.

Not all of the bus trips have been smooth-going and pleasant. I do remember going through the Arizona desert one year when the air conditioning broke down and the windows could not be opened. Somehow that seemed to give me a glimpse of what the fires of hell might be like.

Being on the bus for many hours gave me time to think about the spiritual part of life. For when you right down to it, this part of life is really a trip. It is a trip which starts in the gloom of mortal existence and ends in the brightness of human happiness and Divine light. As with any trip, there are many ways to travel. You could fly and arrive there quickly. However, that takes much energy and many interesting places are missed along the way. Perhaps, you would rather walk. But that would be a very slow way and you run the risk of giving up because of the great amount of physical energy which is used.

I think the best way to make the trip would be to take the bus. This kind of travel really does save energy besides being and sure way to go. And how can you take the bus to human happiness and Divine light? It is not up to me to answer that question. Perhaps, the next time you go to Church or when you have a quiet moment, you could give it a little thought. The chances are by doing this the question will be answered. It probably won't be in a thunderous voice like the one of George Burns in the movie, Oh,God!" More likely, if you listen very closely, you may hear a gentle whisper say to you, "...and leave the driving to Us"!

"...And Leave The Driving To Us" was originally published in the March, 1979 issue of the "Savio Notes" newsletter .

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