Zipporah Inniss Wins NASA Contest

Zipporah Inniss Wins NASA Contest and Watches Glenn's Launch

In October 1998, Zipporah Inniss, an 11th grade student at St Joseph High School, had the unique experience of being present for John Glenn's return to space after having won a NASA poster and essay contest. Zipporah's account follows the photos taken of her observing the launch.

My name is Zipporah M. Inniss. I live on the island of St. Croix which is the largest island that makes up the United States Virgin Islands. In October, I had the spectacular opportunity of seeing the space shuttle, Discovery, get launched into space. I received a special pass to watch the launch from the "causeway". I had entered a poster and essay contest for NASA and as a result, I received this pass. It was a wonderful experience to see history in the making and to see Senator John Glenn being launched into space.

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