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Updated on April 21, 2000.

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ID # 00030

10th Grade, Paulding High School, Paulding, Ohio

Message Posted on 4/27/98



Hello. My ID number is 0030. I am a member of the highest order of primates on planet 3 of this universe. Where I live there are warm-moist summers and cold winters. Winters are when are planet is farthest away from the sun.

I believe power is only achieved through influence. Influence is reached by gaining knowledge. We need to continue to learn and expand.

Where you were born ? Is it an oxygen rich enviroment? Are you a carbon-based life form? ( To understand are way of thinking, get a form called "The Periodic Table. " It will be most helpful.) Would you like to share information with us? I am sure we could make negotiations. Please respond if there is any way you know how.

ID # 00031

12th Grade, St. Joseph High School, St. Croix, VI

Message Posted on 5/9/98


Hello to whoever you are out there! I am a human creature that has five senses. I can see all the beauty of the world with my eyes. I can taste the tropical fruits of the trees. I can feel the rain that comes from the sky. I can smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers. I can hold a beautiful baby in my arms. To be a human is cool because it includes having a physical, mental,and spiritual being.

How does it feel to be an extraterrestial being? What is your environment like? Is it beautiful to you? What are your feelings about us humans? We, the people of earth want to know about you guys. I invite you to stop by earth and share your thoughts. You would learn from us and we will gladly want to learn from you.

ID # 00032

11th grade, The Learning Center, Austin, TX

Message Posted on 5/11/98


Hi, aliens!

I'm six foot and have no hair on my head. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and rock and roll, mainly Beatles, which you should be hearing recently, as much of our broadcast music and T.V. shows continually radiate into space. There are lots of trees which are gradually being cut down and made into houses and paper and other such products.

My feelings as an intelligent being vary. Mainly they consist of one, though. That feeling is love. It's a very important to the survival of our race, that is the human race. However, some tend to forget about this and instead make wars and death. We have this feeling, which is a popular one, as a whole when we make motion pictures exploiting you guys. I guess this is just restating my point. We only think about love and each other's well-being when we are threatened as a whole, by a foreign power that is much greater than ourselves.

So, what do you guys think about, and what is your environment like? Also, what are your personal views on intelligence? It is important to me and everybody else down here. Come visit, I know I would enjoy your company.

ID # 00033

9th grade, Belleville Township High School West, Belleville, IL

Message Posted on 5/27/98


Hello and greetings to you all. My ID is # 00033. I am 15 years old and from the United States of America.

The earth's environment varies from place to place. In places such as Chicago, it is very polluted and smokey. In other places it could be snowy, sunny, or rainy all of the time. Where I live, the environment changes with the seasons.

I like being who I am. I like the human race, but I dont like the way some people are. Some people are racist against other people. I love being a human, but sometimes humans can be a little mean and violent.

What is your species like? How many life forms do you have? What color skin do you have? Does your environment change like ours does, or does it stay the same all of the time? Do you like being who you are? Are you an intelligent form of life? Would you ever like to become a human? Well, I guess that is all I have to say for now. Mabye I will e-mail you again sometimes.

Bye Bye, # 00033

ID # 00034

Zoology 11, Clay County High School, Clay, WV

Message Posted on June 4. 1998


What a wonderful experience to be able to send a message into the universe! The message I am sending comes from Clay, WV where we are searching for success and greatness and trying to make sense out of the universe as a whole. We do know here that God is the father of this universe and heaven is the most important place to be. Hope to see you there one day.

From: ID #00034

ID # 00035

Science 11, Forks Alternative High School, Forks, WA

Message Posted on December 29, 1998


Greetings from the people of earth.

As earthlings we have two legs, two arms, a torso, and a head. Earth is a planet of about two thirds liquid water and about one third land. It has an atmosphere of mostly nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. As intelligent beings we can think about our actions before we do them. We are also able to communicate in various forms.

What do you look like? What does your planet look like? What are your feelings about being an intelligent being? We come in peace for all mankind.

From ID #00035

ID # 00036

2nd degree of Primary Education, Colegio Ntra. Sra. de la Victoria, MALAGA 29012 ESPANA (SPAIN)

Message Posted on April 15, 1999


Hola, me llamo 00036. Soy una nina de 7 anos de edad. Vivo en una ciudad al sur de Espana. Pertenezco a la especie humana. Soy morena de pelo, ojos oscuros, mido 1 metro y 30 cm peso 20 Kg. Me gustan los animales. Tengo un animal en casa es un gato se llama "Pitu", tiene 6 anos y medio de edad. Tengo una hermana que tiene 12 anos de edad. Me gustarķa saber tu nombre, como eres, que edad tienes cual es tu especie, y como eres fisicamente. Como es el planeta donde vives y como se llama.

From ID #00036

ID # 00037

Grade 7 Science, Princess Cinderella Primary School, Maputo,Mozambique

Message Posted on April 21, 2000


Dear ETI,

How is space? Is it suitable to live in or make your life there? Have you made any conclusions about the advantages to live on Mars? What is the weather? The rings that surround Saturn, what are they made of? Have you discovered any extra planet? How do you start a career to be an astronomer? Is there anything new about space that you can describe? Later in life I want to be an astronaut and learn about things in space. Bye.

Message Posted on April 21, 2000

From: ID #00037

ID # 00038

Grade 7 Science, Princess Cinderella Primary School, Maputo,Mozambique

Message Posted on April 21, 2000


Hello ETI,

I am from earth.I am 11 years old.I am a female. I live on the land of trees,animals,and human beings. We have two hands,two legs,and we see with two eyes. How about yours? Does your land have trees and is it full of aliens? Does your land have strange creatures ? Bye.and tell me more about space. Please email me.It's wonderful.

From: ID #00038

ID # 00039

Grade 7 Science, Princess Cinderella Primary School, Maputo,Mozambique

Message Posted on April 21, 2000


Hello Aliens,

How is space? I live on Earth, a powerful planet with human beings and animals.. We have two hands, two legs, and two eyes, and one head with hair on it. I am 10 years old and I study in school. I would like to know more about space and the universe. Bye. Please email me. Later in life, I would like to become an astronaut.

From: ID #00039

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